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Boat parade returns to Devils Lake in Lincoln City Oregon

One of many young boaters enjoying the parade

Absent for the last few years from Independence Day celebrations (like the Gleneden Beach Parade), the Devils Lake Boat Parade returned triumphantly like Washington crossing the Delaware on Christmas Day 1776.

While it must be acknowledged that no British were hurt (or captured) during the day’s festivities, spirits were as high as the American flags being flown from every boat and nearly every roof, balcony and yard that surround the lake.

Boats of every shape and size traveled the parade route

As over 50 boats of every make and model gathered near Regatta park at 4p.m. people waved back and forth between the crafts with occasional shouts of “Happy Fourth of July!”

A classic pontoon boat still emblazoned with “Blue Heron Landing” on its side lead the route around the lake. As all the boats trailed respectfully behind there truly was an air of happiness at being together again after so long an absence.

Onlookers cheer the boats as they pass by
Picnics and a parade made for a great day on the lake

What was even more impressive than the number of boats on the lake were the number of onlookers waving American flags and cheering on the sailors.

Happy Birthday America!

Thanks go to the Devils Lake Neighborhood Association (DLNA) for organizing and promoting the boating parade. DLNA is also sponsoring the fireworks show on July Fifth 2024.  If you would like to contribute to the group to help pay for the privately funded show, click here.

Don Williams
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