Monday March 1, 2021
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Letters to the Editor

Re-Elect Judge Bachart!

It has been an incredible honor to know Judge Bachart on a professional level for many years.

Why Lanee Danforth is best for DA

We know that Lanee Danforth, our neighbor and candidate for Lincoln County District Attorney, is whip smart, energetic and passionate about justice and the law.

Lanee is a true leader

I am currently a detective and have worked in law enforcement in Lincoln County for 22 years. I deeply care about the people who live here and have always strived to do the right thing for our community.

I’m voting for Cable, and here’s why

As an 80 year old woman, I've experienced a lot in my life. Plenty of failures followed by my share of successes.

Lanee Danforth for Lincoln County Prosecutor

Lincoln County is voting on who will be their District Attorney for the next four years.

2020 Nurses and Hospital Weeks

Each May, health care organizations across the nation recognize and celebrate the exemplary efforts of nurses and other health care professionals by commemorating both National Nurses Week and National Hospital Week.

Betty Kamikawa For County Commissioner

My vote is for Betty Kamikawa. In this time of unprecedented economic, health, and social stress, we simply cannot afford to continue the old ways of county government.

Elect Lanee for integrity humility and reliability

I have known Lanee Danforth since she started at the Coos County District Attorney's Office back in 2016.

Jonathan Cable has the Experience Lincoln County Needs

As you may have seen, Jonathan Cable’s campaign slogan is “Experience Matters,” and never has this been more true than in these troubling times.

Claire Hall Supports Blue Collar Workers

I have been a small business owner in Lincoln County for over 9 years and there is no politician in our county more dedicated to helping the common person achieve the "American Dream" more than Claire Hall.

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