City Manager Chandler responds to Kusz appeal denial letter


September 13, 2018

Dear Mr. Kusz:

Thank you for your letter. I appreciate your critique of the meeting. I also appreciate your comments during the meeting and the support you give Mr. Forse and his event. It’s unfortunate the City’s budget is insufficient to support all of the applications for events. Each application, including the Nelscott Reef Surfing application, had merit.

I was recently asked by a reporter about the grant process and I responded that it’s very competitive and it seems to be getting more competitive each year. The Visitor and Convention Committee is very thorough when reviewing applications and making recommendations to me. Perhaps you can assist Mr. Forse with future applications. I’ve always found it helpful to have a second set of eyes looking at grant applications especially when the requirements for a grant are precise.

I don’t have animosity toward Mr. Forse although I find his criticism of Ed Dreistadt to be overly harsh. I wish him well with his endeavors.

Thank you again for your letter.

Sincerely yours, Ron Chandler City Manager

cc: Mayor Don Williams City Councilors: Susan Wahlke, Diana Hinton, Riley Hoagland, Diana Hinton, Judy Casper The News Guard The News Times Lincoln City Homepage John Forse Ed Dreistadt

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  1. The city manager is rude to everyone. This is a comment I have heard since his unfortunate employment with the city. Dick Anderson needs to move back where he came from. He has shown bias numerous times against those he dislikes. This entire council needs to resign and Anderson and Wahlke need to not run for mayor. You people have wasted taxpayers dollars, brought much embarrassment and shame to this city. Go away and get the prestige and power you so desire elsewhere.


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