Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Reopen Oregon Rally at Statehouse draws thousands

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Thousands of protesters descended upon the State Capitol Saturday to protest Gov. Kate Brown’s COVID-19 closure of businesses and schools in Oregon.

People from all areas of the state could be counted among the many who lined both sides of the street and the steps of the Capitol building.

Vehicles adorned in slogans and paint — most sporting the American flag — streamed by honking, when the road wasn’t shut down by a dump truck driver, who hydraulically raised his truck’s bed to the sky and blared his horn.

Participants used the occasion to speak out with bullhorns, shouts and honking horns. Among the protesters were several who were fully armed and said they were ready to protect their First and Second Amendment rights.

The gathering was in violation of Brown’s order prohibiting congregations of 25 or more people, but police were not present at the event.

People in attendance estimated 2,000-5,000 were at the rally in vehicles and on foot.

Rick Beasley and Justin Wernerhttps://lincolncityhomepage.com
This article was written by Reporters Rick Beasley and Justin Werner.

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  1. I crack up at the talk of “all those people” the Trumptards keep bragging about. Looking at it today i’m really having a good laugh. Did much did change doing that? Here will show you guys how to assemble Tens of thousands of people and make change, and how to use city leaders. We will gather Tens of millions in America and hundreds of millions world wide. Done that!
    Today Nascar banned the confederate flag . . . another win of the many we have had in the past weeks. True Americans don’t wave the confederate flag. We kept America/Unions together beating those punks, and humiliating Sir arrogant Lee!
    Trumptardism not popular, especially now!

  2. The shutdown was only supposed to be temporary and only long enough to flatten the curve and not overwhelm the hospitals. Many have reported the hospitals fairly empty, while doctors and nurses in some areas have been furloughed. Why? Because elective surgeries and other medical needs have been postponed. Cancer and heart patients also need care.

    People have a First Amendment Right to express their opinion. Not everyone has to agree with it. But that’s the thing about rights; ALL people have rights, not just some. Patients who have other medical needs have rights too. So do employers, employees, consumers, etc.

    The shutdown was never supposed to be indefinitely, but temporary, and not long enough to hurt families in other ways (medically and economically).

  3. Right because this whole coronavirus thing was staged to destroy the economy, right? The mass Graves in NY, bodies rotting in the streets in some countries, the medical system bucking in Italy because they couldn’t handle all the cases… All made up BS, just to get people to wear masks and stay away from each other for a while, right?

    As this thing goes on and more data becomes available, it’s becoming clearer that the death rate is even higher than originally thought. And it was originally thought to be about 10x the flu. Hey if you feel like possibly spending 2 weeks on a ventilator in the icu, with a 40% chance of survival, or possibly placing your kid or parent in that situation, then that’s on you. Granted the chances of that happening are relatively low, but that is happening, also to otherwise healthy people and not just 90 year olds, all over the world.

    This is no flu. Flu death rate is grossly overestimated every year, anyway, and is not based on confirmed cases. Try and find a doctor who has ever seen a patient die of the flu, and you will not have much luck. This is different.

    I hope all who participated in this rally stay healthy. Best of luck to you all and your families. This thing is far from being over.

  4. What were you smoking? The population of salem doesn’t count. You did manage to snarl traffic. Wow. You really showed covid-19!
    It’s scared now.

  5. Dang it sure is nice to see there are idiots everywhere in the US. I was beginning to worry it was just here in the midwest.

  6. I went to the rally. Oregonian reported 200 were there…Lie
    There were thousands. I didn’t even see those planted nurses who were pining away about all the sick and dying. I’m sure after their staged interview the Oregonian chauffeured them back to their empty hospitals…ENOUGH

    • Here’s the news, there isn’t a god. YOU’RE (correct spelling and usage) living a lie, but you have my full blessing to live how you want. Don’t tell me how to live my life… Oh, wait, YOU’RE a “believer” and your fantasy book gives you the “right” to judge. Oops, cast the first stone? Must be confusing for you.

  7. Open the damn state…none of this makes any logical sense. Destroy the State and the majority of its working inhabitants just to guard against the flu ??? Insanity…

  8. Thanks for the nice coverage. Oregon is worth getting all open soon. Families are hurting. Their life savings put into businesses.

  9. I was there Mr Brown. Where were you. Oh I forgot, you are on a paid vacation. How are those home projects going?


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