Monday, January 18, 2021

SNAP program receives cost of living increase

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A new Federal fiscal year starting Oct. 1 will increase supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) payments to include a cost of living increase for Oregon families.

Cost of living is the amount of money needed to support a basic standard of living. Rules regarding monthly benefit amounts are changed at the beginning of each Federal fiscal year which begins begins Oct. 1.

SNAP is a federally funded program that offers supplemental nutrition assistance to low-income individuals and families. In Oregon, individuals and families apply for SNAP benefits at Department of Human Services (DHS) and Area Agency on Aging (AAA) offices across the state.

Monthly benefits amounts are determined based on current reported income and deductions. SNAP officials don’t expect any decreases due to this annual adjustment.

SNAP recipients will not be sent a letter if their benefits increase or stay the same, however, if benefits decrease, a notice of reduction will be mailed.

Changes to the cost of living guidelines do not change eligibility requirements and no action is required.

Benefit changes will be implemented in October.

Justin Werner
Justin Werner
Justin is publisher of Lincoln City Homepage and an investigative journalist who finds facts. He's on a mission to seek out truth and isn't afraid to be the tip of the spear for freedom of the press.


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