Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Letter: Too many crosswalks on Highway 101

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Can anyone explain the thought behind putting excessive crosswalks on Highway 101?

Before I retired, I was a flagger for Granite-Intermountain road construction, and I can’t help but see how so many crosswalks contributes to road rage and traffic flow. Most of these crosswalks are not visible to traffic until people step out from behind parked cars.

I understand local businesses rely on foot traffic to survive, but they shouldn’t be the cause of a-20 minute standstill either.

I think I counted six from 21st Street to Pet Mart… why are there two at Pet Mart anyway?

I realize there is no option for a separate lane for crossing Highway 101, but there are signals with arrows that keep oncoming traffic at a stop for a brief moment so traffic can safely cross, without every car behind them affected.

It would take one person to operate the single piece of equipment necessary to remove the painted crosswalks and it could be done at night without stopping traffic. Removing just one at Pet Mart could be done in 20 minutes by a skilled operator.

If there is a reason to have so many, I honestly don’t see it. I see too many opportunities for accidents caused by road rage and there is a inexpensive solution that could help.

Lincoln City Citizen


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LCH Reader
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