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Dr. Long – What’s Needed Before Reopening

Lincoln County Health Officer discusses Lincoln County’s health needs before reopening.

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News Release
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  1. This is just fear mongering. there is not going to be a new normal because this is no worse than the flu. they just want you to believe that it is. it might be more contagious then the flu but it is definitely not more deadly. At the fire department they are telling us that it will spread easier but it is no more deadly than the flu. I’m sure the chief won’t be happy that I’m are sharing this info but we don’t need to be hiding it. This is something that he is going to be mad about me saying this. but he has been trying to control what we share to the public. Maybe that is why he is trying to get rid of all of the volunteers. Just wash your hands like you always do don’t touch your face until after you have washed your hands and be smart. Don’t let them scare you into hiding. If you are sick stay home. Just look at the link.

  2. Thank you for the update. Hopefully, everyone will follow set guidelines to not only protect themselves but others

  3. If we don’t prioritize the reopening of all businesses both big and small and I mean NOW, We face the very real possibility that our State, County and City governments will eventually go broke. Our government cannot survive without a thriving economy and healthy businesses. It’s time to quit propagating fear, AND WITH GOD’S HELP AND GREAT WISDOM, move forward to open all businesses. It’s time to move on. The curve is flattening. We citizens have DONE our part.

  4. Something to chew on . . . I’m in no hurry to get back to work at all and word on street is not many others are looking forward to it also. At this moment I am making 2 times more money doing as i’m told to stay in place at home. I get my unemployment money plus 600.00 from feds every week plus my 1200.00 getting deposited soon. I am caught up on bills and am saving money now cause this will happen again. Why would anybody during a pandemic be in a hurry to go back on the front lines working your butt off for half of what i’m getting now being safe and getting my home projects done. This will be a problem for a lot of hospitality owners. Building this town up on hospitality is becoming your doom! Hospitality pay is to low!!!

  5. To anonymous Firefighter above. I believe your full of it! What station? What engine? How about your name? I bet you don’t disclose that info! Go on I dare you! If you are a fireman/EMT please out your name so I can specifically ask you to stay at the station if needing help. In my opinion you are a horrible Firefighter/Person!

  6. E1407 that’s all you really need to know Help us? Mr. Brown you should want to work for your money not just sit at home doing nothing and making more. I’m out there working still.

  7. To help us, I guess the answer is if you don’t agree with someone forget the facts…hunt them down and ruin them. You are the reason people like me see the state narrative as nothing but propaganda. The facts that don’t fit their hysteria are simply ignored. Disparaging names and threats are not helpful. That’s why I’m not going to call you a Nazi.

  8. Mr Brown, love the comments but I would suggest instead of “Something to chew on”, you should begin with “Something to smoke on” Because what you just outlined is a great Cheech & Chong movie script. Years ago Americans used to have pride in their work and would be embarrassed to receive a government handout. Seems you are liberated from these archaic attitudes. Nice work!
    P.S sorry about hospitality industry pay. Sounds like your skill set suits your new vocation better anyway. Good luck with those projects!

  9. Dearest Mr. Brown,
    Your Government handouts will soon end.
    The effects that the 2020 three trillion dollar plus US deficit will haunt us for years to come. YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE SERIOUS INFLATION GRIP OUR NATION. Enjoy your time off. Oh by the way, the money you are saving will be gone in a flash. You’ll need three or four jobs just to exist.
    You lack character. I know of few employers that would want to hire you! I will pray for you,.

  10. While we are “flattening” the “curve”, let’s look at a couple of distinct groups that don’t seem to be talking to each other much:

    A) People who are doing just fine right now:

    *The Mr. Browns who are collecting their stimulus checks plus unemployment. Yes it is counterintuitive to work right now if you would regularly earn less than 60K a year.

    *Retirees (i.e. most of Lincoln City)

    *”Essential workers” and those tech geeks who can work from home.


    B) Who is getting screwed right now:

    * people who didn’t file their taxes electronically or are paid in cash/undocumented. Many of the people who are responsible for food being in your fridge fall into this category.

    *small brick-and-mortar business owners who didn’t beat the larger corporations in obtaining business loans. Even if they did, they would need to miraculously pay back the loan at ballooned rates in the future. But Trump says not to worry, “the businesses will remain, just somebody else will own them.” (Same goes for real estate.)

    *Anyone who needs to go to the hospital for reasons other than C o vid 19 (Retirees?)

    *The children and dependents of anyone who falls into the above categories.

    That $600 a week feels great now… But if the conservative estimate of unemployment numbers are true, we’ll be lucky that $260 billion will last us until Labor Day. If the upper estimate is true, it will be gone by the 4th of July.

    What then? Do you think the UI is set up to withstand demand like this? No, no it won’t. And when everything starts to crumble, I wouldn’t have much faith in 401Ks or pensions either. And remote workers who haven’t seen much of a change in their lifestyle will suddenly find that nobody has money to pay them for their work.

    Group A, meet group B. Oh, except the billionaires. They’ll be fine.

    This is what will happen unless we do something, or we all die of a fake pandemic.

  11. Concerned firefighter,

    I’m embarrassed for you when I point out that I *don’t* think you read all the way through the article that you linked as evidence to your claims. From an epidemiological standpoint (and yes – I can have this opinion because I have a masters degree in epidemiology & biostats), these studies are terrible and the whole article is highlighting this. Quick – cover up your ignorance – it’s showing.


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