Lincoln City Mayor Williams: ‘It’s been a privilege’

    Lincoln City Mayor don williams
    Lincoln City Mayor Don Williams coaching his Gray Wolves T-ball team

    Lincoln City Mayor Don Williams will not run for re-election this November due to health concerns for his wife, Debbie.

    “It’s a rare honor to be a mayor. Lincoln City is where I have always wanted to be and where I will end my days,” Williams said. “It has been a privilege.”

    debbie Williams
    Debbie Williams

    In a Facebook post citing Rick Beasley’s Newport News Times article, Williams explained his decision to not seek any office this year. Williams’ wife underwent emergency surgery to repair a serious internal issue and Williams will be providing care for her. Subjecting Mrs. Williams to the rigors of a political campaign would not be right, Williams said.

    Williams said he will declare support for candidates in the future and will work diligently to support their election.

    Williams said he plans to stay involved in local and state politics and looks forward to possibly serving again.

    Don Williams



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