EDITOR’S NOTE:  This post was written by Mark Meister, Administrative Patrol Sergeant, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

Lincoln County Sheriff

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office will be joining other police agencies throughout Oregon to enforce traffic occupant protection and other traffic related laws during the safety belt enforcement blitz scheduled May 14 through May 27.

The enforcement blitz is funded through the Oregon Department of Transportation.  Overtime patrols are scheduled through the blitz period with enforcement focused on safety belt/child safety restraint systems and juveniles riding in open pickup beds.

Oregon law requirements for Carrying Minor on External Part of Vehicle 811.205:

  • No person may operate a vehicle upon a public roadway while carrying a person under 18 years old on any external part of a vehicle which includes the open bed of a vehicle.

Additional information regarding child safety seats can be located at the ODOT web page: ODOT

Your sheriff’s office would like to remind you to buckle up- it’s the way to go!

Lincoln County Sheriff




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