Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office enters Lip Sync Challenge


Police departments nationwide are challenging each other to lip-sync battles, and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office just entered the fray.

Police departments are determining who has the best routine, and the offering from the Lincoln County Sheriff might win the award for best cinematography. The video portrays the sheriff department acting out parts of Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise, where drive-by water-balloonings are an every day part of life.

The Lip Sync Challenge began in Texas, where Bexar County Sheriff’s Office shared deputy Alexander Mena’s singing of “Fuiste Mala” by the Kumbia Kings on June 19.

Social media managers for that department posted Mena’s video, saying he had “a mean lip sync not many can beat.” That prompted other agencies to take on the challenge.

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office – Oregon #lipsyncchallenge2018 Original song performed by Coolio (feat. L.V.) – Gangsta’s Paradise from the album Coolio. Also on the soundtrack of 1995 film Dangerous Minds.

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Justin Werner
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