Bill Recriminalizing Hard Drugs Signed into Law


Press release 4/1/24: “Today, the Governor signed into law HB 4002 A, a bill reversing much of Oregon’s drug decriminalization experiment in response to a deadly addiction crisis plaguing major cities, suburban neighborhoods, and rural communities across the state.
The bipartisan proposal cleared the Oregon Senate with overwhelming support exactly one month ago.
Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp (R-Bend) released the following statement:
‘Now that the Governor has given the recriminalization bill her stamp of approval, we can finally end the chapter on Oregon’s experiment with decriminalizing hard drugs. HB 4002 is not a perfect solution; legislators will undoubtedly have much more work to do in
upcoming sessions. But it sets a standard for how the state should approach the drug addiction crisis: by empowering law enforcement and our behavioral health systems to work together to help Oregonians struggling with chronic addiction seek life-saving treatment.'”

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