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Local runners take titles in ‘Run for the Kids’ Earth Day event

Joe Wilkinson of Neskowin won the 10K and Autumn Ellis of Lincoln City claimed the 5K title Saturday at the “Run for the Kids” Earth Day Run in Neskowin.

Maya Foty of Portland was the top female finisher in the 10K, while Maurice Rivas was the top male finisher in the 13-17 age group.

While Ellis won the 5K overall title, Kristian Cabal of Lincoln City was the top male finisher.

Lilliana Wilson of Portland was the top 12-and-under 5K runner, and Veronica Hampton of Lincoln City won the 13-17 age-group title.

All proceeds benefited the Neskowin Valley School tuition scholarships program.

Earth Day Run
10K Results 
1 Joe Wilkinson, Neskowin
2 Tyler Bentley, Cloverdale
3 Maya Foty, Portland
4 Finn Riley, Belew
5 Ross Rehberg, Lincoln City
6 Mauricio Rivas, Lincoln City
7 Susana Munoz, Lincoln City
8 Jenny Freeborn, Rickreall
9 Taj Richardson, Gleneden Beach
10 Jennifer Napoleon, Neotsu
11 Heather Hatton, Gleneden Beach
12 Jill Brunelle, Gleneden Beach
13 Shelli Corse, Lincoln City

5K Results
1 Autumn Ellis, Lincoln City
2 Sarah Scandon, Otis
3 Brooke Orendorff, Neskowin
4 Lilliana Wilson, Portland
5 Kristian Cabal, Lincoln City
6 Alberto Contreras, Keizer
7 Veronica Hampton, Lincoln City
9 Roy Cabal, Lincoln City
10 William Robertson, Lincoln City
11 Sean Lambert, Pacific City
12 Donna Jose, Neskowin
13 Abby Abraham, Portland
14 Ronald Offenstein, Neskowin
15 Jesse Lewis, Lincoln City
16 Alani Cabal, Lincoln City
17 Dara Abraham, Portland
18 Mindy Smith, Hebo
19 Daniel Diaz, Lake Oswego
20 Hattie Mena, Neotsu
21 Justin Mena, Neotsu
22 Sharon Bighil, Otis
23 Maiti Riley, Belew
24 Patti Soens, Portland
25 Christi Clark, Neskowin

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