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New details in officer-involved shooting in Lincoln City

Shooting Lincoln City

Oregon State Police have released the names of Lincoln City Police officers involved in a shooting in front of Rite Aid April 2 that resulted in the fatality of an Idaho man.

According to an Oregon State Police news release, David A. Xanatos, 40, of Payette Idaho, was shot by Lincoln City Police officers after producing a knife and rapidly advancing towards them.

Xanatos was transported to Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital where he was pronounced dead by medical staff.

A list of involved officers has been provided by Oregon State Police:

  • Sergeant Robert (Bobby) Bomar (56), 26 years of service
  • Officer Hayden Tolzman (26), 4 years of service
  • Officer Molly Wehrley (40), 2 years of service
  • Officer John Goodman (38), 8 years of service (present at scene)
  • Officer Jeremy Mocek (24), 1.5 years of service (present at scene)

From the list it appears three officers were involved in the shooting as two officers are listed as “present at scene.”

The involved officers have been placed on paid administrative leave pending the investigation per standard protocol.

The Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office and Lincoln City Police Department activated the Major Crimes Team and requested Oregon State Police lead the investigation. Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Newport Police Department, Toledo Police Department and the Lincoln County Medical Examiner’s Office are assisting.

Justin Werner
Justin Werner
Justin Werner is publisher of Lincoln City Homepage and a journalist reporting news for Lincoln City, Oregon. When he's not wearing his reporter hat, you can find him enjoying the Oregon Coast with his wife and three children.


  1. Officer Bomar, you say? Sounds like a POS took out other POS. Funny how the universe works. If he did ANYTHING wrong here, this is Lincoln Cities opportunity to get rid of him and not worry about a lawsuit for wrongful termination. That’s what Newport did.

  2. While all people, especially law enforcement, should aspire to high values, someone with the name “Scary Gari the Tweeker” should hope there is such a thing as “second chances” and “new beginnings,” rather than slander others based upon the past.

  3. I’ve said it before. I’ve met more cops than I can count in several states,
    some are people just doing a job, others like their job too much for the wrong reasons, and it wasn’t until living in Lincoln City did I meet
    the cop that really lowered the bar for law enforcement.
    I’ve never hated cops, they’re just other people, and a difficult job, but they are fallible. For us, LCPD is one more slanderous comment away
    from a lawsuit, Chief Palmer knows what’s going on in his department,
    or I would think he does.

  4. North Lincoln fire and rescue isn’t that far behind them. How the new chief acts and treats the volunteers. The paid firefighters can do whatever they want they don’t follow state laws or north Lincoln fire and rescue sog’s. It’s okay no one is watching him I think that we all need to be asking him why he was so much over on the remodel? He is a contractor in this town so he knows the code but he did think that the city would make him follow code. So now the paid crew gets a new fire engine but the volunteers don’t get what they were going to get like a new ladder truck.

  5. When will we get to see the video collected by the State Police in this shooting? I am curious, because I was maliciously prosecuted by Officer Bomar. Twice. All dismissed. He also threatened to murder me while he was off duty.

  6. And lets not forget what happened to Lincoln Cities first female police Chief when she tried to make some changes. Conley v. City of Lincoln City
    Plaintiff was hired as Chief of Police (“Chief”) by the City effective May 1, 1998. Shortly after assuming her duties as Chief, plaintiff held a meeting for all police department employees and introduced several new policies that were effective immediately and would result in disciplinary action if not strictly adhered to. Shortly thereafter, a police dispatcher sent the officer hosting the housewarming party an email that pictured a burned-out house and stated “Congratulations on your NEW HOME” and “F____ you asshole.” The email indicated that “Doris sent it” and bore a return email address of “[email protected]” The officer who received the email brought it to the attention of plaintiff, who initiated a criminal investigation.


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