Saturday, September 25, 2021

Officers use deadly force in Lincoln City

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Rite Aid Shooting
Lincoln City Police used deadly force Thursday night in front of Rite Aid

Lincoln City Police officers shot and killed a man late Thursday night who witnesses say was wielding a knife and “acting crazy.”

In a news release early Friday morning, Lincoln City Police said officers were involved in shooting a suspect who was rushed to Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital where lifesaving efforts were performed, but the person died from their wounds. Police officials said no officers were injured during the shooting.

According to multiple eyewitness accounts, a male was observed “acting crazy” and brandishing a knife, prompting calls to 911. When officers confronted him in front of Rite Aid, sources said the man failed to comply with the officers commands and multiple officers opened fire.

Witnesses said there were multiple gunshots. Some of the shots broke windows at the Rite-Aid store setting off multiple alarms.

The officers were put on paid administrative leave following standard protocol and Oregon State Police were called in and are leading the investigation with help from the Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office.

Homepage has reached out to the Oregon State Police and received a response from Captain Timothy Fox stating a news release was being worked on and would possibly be out later this afternoon after approval from the district attorney.

This is a developing story.

Justin Werner
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  1. Let me correct you; they are everybody’s beaches. I get sick of hearing that! You don’t own them. I lived there for 50 years, before you so they’re mine too.

  2. Here they come, the homeless from Portland metro. How do you think they’re solving their Homeless Problem by sweeping them 2 hour beaches. We open our beaches now and we get crime and death. I built a home here in Lincoln County to escape the problems a Metro has to offer. Ryback our police and our County Sheriff’s and state troopers to the fullest. I thank them for their service.

  3. ok something is up! Can’t find state press release promised day or 2 after shooting that DA approves! No updates or names on story! This is starting to stink! Why blast the front of our store all to bits? Did you check to see if any of the workers were behind the counter or stocking anywhere? Did you check behind the back of store to make sure any homeless or chinook winds security weren’t behind there.
    I live down the street, saw it right after it happened and there are security cameras everywhere connected to every business plus ODOT and chinook winds HR and streets. MORE will be revealed.

  4. Good god people… Don’t we all know by now a licence to kill in a small town comes with a price.. No free for them! But seriously people I lost my brother in the same way.. He was killed by a polk County cop in Dallas wielding a broom stick… He had mental problems. and I live with that cops decision every day! So yes simple fact… those cops screwed up! And they should be prosicuted to the fullest extent of the law. The truth will come Out!

  5. I’ve led a “colorful” life, and I don’t hate cops. Most of them are people doing a job, however, a few like their jobs too much for the wrong reasons.
    I’ve had to deal with more police officers than I can probably even remember. Some of us know when to give up, other people don’t, those people are a problem, another problem is having blind faith that everything has been done to prevent killing someone. I’m all for death penalties, and deadly force has a place, but it shouldn’t be the first choice after somebody gives the finger to the guys with the guns. Judge Dred is just a movie. There are so many other options for non-lethal compliance, why carry a taser at all? Ok, so they don’t work on everyone, taser them twice. Calling people cop haters that question the use of deadly force is just wrong.

  6. Obviously the police officers mishandled the situation. A man ” acting crazy” with a knife is lighter to handle than a man acting crazy with a knife poking on a hostage. There’s no hostage, even so, a hostage situation is usually handle by a negotiation. Why didn’t it happen. What should have done were:
    1. Clear the area from any stand by watchers even media people.
    2. 1 cop to use a megaphone and ask the acting crazy suspect what is the reason he is holding a knife. That the cops are there to help him.
    3. If thean would not cooperate, call for any person that the man knows to talk to him but should not stay close to the man to avoid being a hostage.
    4. Get a more professional negotiator .
    5. Lifebis precious and all of us has a love one or family, exhaust all efforts for the man to throw the knife and that’s the time to approach him.
    6. A cop can come closer and tell the man, look man, I am not armed, we can talk about your problems, while talking, another cop can target the man’s hand if they exhaust all their efforts.
    7. It’s really OVERKILL.

  7. We support our POLICE DEPT. Thank you for keeping our streets safe. I am puzzled that no name has been printed of the deceased. Doesn’t this person have a right to be listed in the obituary or his family notified?

  8. Debra Evans: People that pass judgement based on rumors, then start spouting that “god said” crud really freak me out. I was told he was hit with a 12 gauge shotgun, not and “automatic gun”. One 00buckshot round has 9 pellets, so he would have 9 holes in him from one shot. But who knows, maybe all you LEO haters will change your tune when some freak starts threatening you with a knife and you have…… nothing to defend yourself with. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  9. Overkill I would say how many cops with automatic guns against a man with a knife where are there tazers but no worries they will get away with it.if that was me I would be put away for life for overkill I was told he was shot 15 times.i like how they get paid while being investigated of it was you or me we would be in jail guilty trying to find help to tell our side of story.god said times are going to be violent hateful times but this is wrong

  10. Bias and stereotypes exist for a reason. They don’t come out of thin air,
    they’re based on experience and observation.
    I was born innocent and unknowing, then, the world showed up and
    bonked me on the head, among other things.

  11. Taser, dog, flash-bang, withdrawal, bean-bag, common sense, proper training, … these cops were idiots and it will come out in the end.

  12. Amazing how many people commenting here seem to know exactly what happened at a crime scene they probably weren’t at…and all based on a generic initial article. Your anti-police bias is beyond obvious. How do I know that? Because you are willing to give benefit of the doubt to a knife wielding man, who you also, have probably never met. Let’s see where the facts lead before you condemn our public servants.

  13. Too all those that say the police should have pepper sprayed or tasered the maniac threatening people with a knife I say, “Miami Beach Officer Viciously Stabbed After Cops Tase Man With Knife. Then the suspect suddenly lifted his right arm in the air, waving a knife with a long blade in his hand.
    A pop could be heard on video as an officer deployed a Taser at the man, who then fell backward onto the sidewalk.
    Officers rushed forward to surround the man and take him into custody, but the video showed that a split-second later, they jumped back.
    Then two officers opened fire on the man while a third officer at their feet appeared to be crawling away from the suspect.

  14. There were other ways the officers could have handled the situation. Taser would have worked. Why did they have to fire so many shots at him.

  15. Nice language Mark. You’re an idiot. Wait until somebody, who doesn’t even live here, renting a vrd, makes up a lie about you, calls the cops, and some punk kid in a cop suit shows up, has already deemed you guilty, then tells you to stay in your house when “there are paying customers next door “, AND THAT’S ONLY ONE INSTANCE. I do know what I am talking about, I’ve dealt with cops in 3 different states, and nearly every county in Oregon, and not until I moved to Lincoln City, did I question the professionalism of an officer.

  16. Well mark I do know I have been there with police officers on calls like this. It happened at 10PM? From what I heard so how many people were really out there? We aren’t supposed to be out we should be home so to think that so many civilians were in danger is just stupid to say and why were they staying there if they felt so threatened? Things to think about. With the freedom of information act we can get body and dash cam videos so hopefully lc homepage will get it and put it up for everyone.

  17. Location this occurred would be that others were at risk along with the LEO’s. These men and women that are trained and are not arriving on scene with “adrenaline pumping” this is their job and they do it well. Civilians are quick to jump to conclusions however they have decisions to be made to protect and serve the citizens and this could have easily ended up with store customers being harmed by the man acting the way he was with a knife. He was given direct orders that were to protect the man with the knife, the surrounding people as well as the officers. Is it sad that a person died? Yes it is but the LEO’s did what they needed to do to protect others and themselves. They also have families to return home to at the end of their shift. Thank you to the LEO’s for the service you give to this community.

  18. Would be interesting to know how far away this dangerous”knife wielding”person was from the officers.We will never know,nor will we learn the officers names involved.Because of the bias I’ve been shown by many of Lincoln City officers,this does not surprise me.

  19. @Stallion @Kevin Koffel @Blazinfx332 You all sound like douches who don’t know WTF they are talking about. None of you are or ever have been a LEO dealing with a fucking crazy ass offender lunging with a knife STFU

  20. They could have used their tasers for sure. they also have rubber bullets and bean bag rounds. I was at Safeway earlier today and I noticed that two windows were shot out but the bad thing was that there was one in the middle that wasn’t? Pretty bad shot. They have a hard job but there are better ways to deal with situations like this.

  21. After my experiences with the LCPD, I’m truly frightened of a number of officers, unprofessional bullys with guns. Ever hear of a Taser?
    I’m all for killing criminals when they deserve it. This whackjob had a knife. Some tear gas or a Taser would have done the job, instead of some “Gauntlet” style barrage of bullets, some of which didn’t even hit the target??? I’m a better shot than that. Call the cops when you have to, but pray for mercy if they come for you. I’ve written letters to the News Guard, that were printed about police behavior, and this doesn’t surprise me at all, I’d like to know which officers were involved.

  22. “According to multiple eyewitness accounts, a male was observed “acting crazy” and brandishing a knife, prompting calls to 911. When officers confronted him in front of Rite Aid, sources said the man failed to comply with the officers commands and multiple officers opened fire.”

    He didn’t follow commands, so they judge, juried, and executed him on the spot

    This quote doesn’t describe the actions of a peace keeping police force, it describes the actions a non-compliance hit squad.

  23. I have read and reread the third paragraph over many times. So, a mentally unstable man brandishing a knife and not complying with officers, who had probably arrived on scene with lights, sirens and adrenaline pumping, which probably lent itself to more agitation on the subject’s part, led to this tragic ending. At this moment, we are all in a more stressful time of our lives.

    These trained professionals , receiving no compliance with their orders, to an obviously disturbed individual wielding a knife felt the threat was warranted enough to their and the public’s safety that multiple officers had to shoot multiple rounds to gain control of the situation? Where were the extra rounds going? Through windows, through someone who might have been on the other side of those windows? Have these officers or at least the officer in command been trained in non lethal intervention in situations like this? These options do exist. Or should we all be concerned that any emotionally charged high stress situation will be met with this response?

  24. Nicole, were you there? Hmmmmm don’t think your reply was relative. We love how they protect us and continue to follow their rules.

  25. Thank you, Lincoln City Police force! You were protecting us and we are grateful for the way you quickly handled it. @lincolncitypolice department


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