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Lincoln County extends lodging moratorium until June

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Lincoln County Commissioners and representatives from the county’s cities held a special meeting to extend Lincoln County’s “Minimize the effects of the COVID-19 Emergency” order Monday, with most cities agreeing to an extension through May 31.

Short term lodging in Lincoln County will remain closed through May 31, with exceptions listed in the full order.

Local leaders from Lincoln County discussed the extension of Order No. 3-23-85, Minimize the effects of the COVID-19 Emergency, during a teleconference meeting held in Newport. The order was set to expire April 30, and a tentative May 8 date was put on the extension which is labeled Order No. 4-20-118. Governor Kate Brown’s original order declaring a state of emergency ends on May 8.

The order is a move to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus and a concerted effort between Lincoln County and the cities of Siletz, Newport, Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Toledo, Waldport and Yachats.

Commissioner Claire Hall spoke in support of an extension and said she would not support a May 8 date. Hall said she would like to see May 15 at a minimum, but would prefer May 31.

“It is clear to me social distancing is working,” Hall said. “No to May 8th.”

Commissioner Doug Hunt said he recognized the tremendous burden COVID-19 has placed on businesses and families and recommended an extension through May 31.

Commissioner Kaety Jacobson said she was in favor of an extension to May 15, and said she would be open to a late May opening.

Lincoln City Mayor Dick Anderson said he agreed with an extension and would like to see it out to May 31. Lincoln City Councilors concurred.

Most Lincoln County cities were in favor of the May 31 extension with the Cities of Waldport and Siletz being exceptions. Waldport already voted to extend to May 15 and meets again May 14. Siletz will need to put the extension to a vote.

The cities of Lincoln City, Newport, and Yachats, along with Lincoln County, make up roughly 95 percent of short term rentals.

More than a few elected officials expressed concern over restrictions on parks and said they should be looked at and possibly lifted at the local level.

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to extend the order.


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Justin Werner
Justin Werner
Justin Werner is the founder and editor of the Lincoln City Homepage, a trusted source of local news and information for residents and visitors of Lincoln City, Oregon. He is also a community leader, entrepreneur, and dedicated advocate for transparency and accountability in local government.


  1. I cant believe my eyes! Republicans also voting for extension. Somebody ran some numbers I bet. For the first time that I remember probably since Reagan era, I am thanking Republicans for voting along to take care of the people! Now with Democrats in there trying to take care of the small business and the other side pumping tons into special interest and big corporations we may be covered fiscally for the short term. Sometimes the Feds assistants can “Trump” the crumbs that one would get in the coffers for this month of may! One thing you can say about Trump . . . he spends like a “hollywood wife”!

  2. Thank you to Lincoln County Commissioners and to Lincoln City Council for expanding i the short term rental ban.We sympathize with motels and hotels,especially. This was the right thing to do.

  3. Doesn’t Lincoln County only have 5 positive cases. Even City of Bend allowing their short Term rental. How do you think these people can pay their mortgage on their hotels and rental vacation homes.

  4. Mr. Brown,
    I can only conclude that you are a ignoramus. Your comments demonstrate that you are a lazy bitter opportunist. You could care less about the economic future of Lincoln City. You might need to google the big words. Stupid is as stupid does!

  5. L Holloman,
    I am in total agreement with you. The local city and county officials are a sad group of fearful individuals that want businesses to swallow the poison pill for the greater good. What a sad commentary. Its quite apparent they have little business acumen and they surely are not focused on the data.
    When businesses fail, and their tax base decreases, it’s too late.

  6. wow you are worse than WA state…you wont open for business for hotels and motels…guess you just want your state and county to go bankrupt also and then expect the feds to bail you out?? You have god given rights and your just laying down and giving them up because your scared…if your so scared then stay the hell home and let people open their businesses up before they are gone and bankrupt…amazing how you all have rolled over and decieded that you would give up your constitutional rights so that the gov. can protect you …..WAKE UP PEOPLE

  7. I am thankful for the extension..maybe we can dry the virus out and we can live through it! A small amount of time to save lives..thank you

  8. My neighborhood has been destroyed by vrd dwellings, there are 193
    in my area, most of them in the Olivia bitc.. I mean Beach subdivision,
    not until this unwelcome invasion did I have what’s become a negative
    view of the way tourism affects our once quiet neighborhoods. Motels are one thing, but the way we have been negatively impacted by noise, loose dogs, loud parties, non stop traffic and countless other issues gives me little if any concern for anyone who owns a vrd. We’ve been eating take out at least once a week, at different places, I have sympathy for small business, I own one myself, but I’m not missing the hot tub parties next door.

  9. Ms Noland,
    Wake up! The virus is already, today, drying out. The virus is not killing us. Many lives have already been saved and that’s great. But fear will do us in if we let it rule our lives. The hotels , motels, and other short term accommodations need to resume business now. With the institution of safety protocol,
    our hospitality industry is ready to open. Any further delay will be devastating to the future of our local economy.

  10. If you don’t like the city council, consider running for one of the unpaid
    positions the next time there is an empty seat. Or, go to some council meetings, when they are open to the public again, there are two
    opportunities for people to make comments about pretty much anything. The mayor is also unpaid, so you can armchair quarterback, or volunteer your time for the greater good, if that’s what you have in mind. It’s really easy to say “I’d have done it better” after someone else makes decisions, I don’t like all the council’s decisions, and think there should be more voting on a variety of issues.
    Citizen comments come in the beginning of a meeting, and again towards the end. I’ve been to plenty of meetings, they’re both boring and interesting, unfortunately, the two are intermixed.
    I do think the beach parking lots could be opened up, but whatever we do here has to be in synch with other coastal towns, or it’s going to be
    a chaotic mess.

  11. Dear Mr Brown,
    As usual you are a very poor communicator. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
    Oh I’m sorry that would require an intellect capable of the task.


  12. What does being trumped mean?
    trump. To trump is to outrank or defeat someone or something, often in a highly public way.
    In other words: The county and the people who back them “Trumped” your poopy pants.

  13. Dear Mr Brown,
    You and this very blue county have been trumped many years ago. Please read the first AMENDMENT. Our constitutional rights are clearly spelled out.


  14. Michigan court rules governor’s stay-at-home order
    does not violate constitutional rights.

    The ruling noted that the interests of “liberty” that the plaintiffs spoke of are “and always have been, subject to society’s interests.”

  15. There have been about 50 to 100 new cases on a per day basis for the past two weeks in Oregon. Your day to day chances of getting the virus are about 100 / 4.3 million. Yes this is simplistic. Yes the numbers of Corona cases are probably much higher than reported (which also means the death rate is lower than reported). Still its friggin 100/4.3 mil you pansy ass privileged boneheads. The economy is 70% service industry in this country. Listen to your dog walker crying that she is homeless. Listen to your waitress, your hospitality workers, your energy, retail, asset rentals blah blah blah. The hospitals that are empty lol. FYI for those of you that can actually do math you can use the binomial probability calculator to calculate your chances on a weekly or monthly basis. You might actually get a number that does not need 3 digits after the decimal point.


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