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Newport Police Department new non-emergency dispatch number

Newport police number

The Newport Police Department has a new public use, non-emergency dispatch telephone number (541) 574-5807.  This number will be unique to Newport Police dispatch requests for officer response and crime reporting of incidents that do not meet criteria for utilizing the 911 emergency line.

The implementation of this unique Newport Police telephone number will allow our dispatch center and the Willamette Valley Communications Center (WVCC), to better serve Newport residents with efficient dispatching of Police resources. This will provide our citizens with a direct line to WVCC for Newport Police response requests. The direct line will provide additional detail of call volume and service levels WVCC is providing for the Newport Police Department.

To contact the Newport Police Department, please refer to the following:

  • Dial 9-1-1 for emergencies only
  • 541-574-5807 – to report cold crimes, disputes, animal complaints, non-injury/non-blocking traffic crashes, and other incidents requiring officer response from the Newport Police Department.
  • 541-574-3348 – to contact Newport Police Records and Police Administration. Also refer to our website at

The current non-emergency dispatch number, 541-265-4231, will remain in effect, however, the transition to the 541-574-5807 dispatch number for Newport Police dispatch services will begin immediately.

News Release
News Release
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