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Participate in Great Oregon ShakeOut

Shake out

Lincoln County Emergency Management is encouraging community members, businesses, and community groups to participate in the 2022 Great Oregon ShakeOut.

20oct10:20 amGreat Oregon ShakeOut

This event provides a chance for you to practice what you would do during an earthquake -wherever you may be at that time. While the official event takes place on Thursday, Oct. 20, 2022 at 10:20 a.m., you can practice your drop, cover, and hold during the days leading up to or directly after the drill. It is important to register if you participate.

By registering you will help Lincoln County Public Safety agencies document the high level of preparedness in our community. Participation in this event shows that we are working together to strengthen our community resiliency and emergency preparedness. This event also provides a good reminder to update your emergency plans and supplies.

To view previous participation in previous years, visit

Lincoln County residents live on the Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake Faultline. This means it is even more important for our communities to be informed and prepared.

More information on earthquake and tsunami preparedness:

Great Oregon ShakeOut:

Lincoln County Emergency Management 


Red Cross

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News Release
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