Resource Center celebrates first year and two birthdays

    Resource Center Ribbon Cutting
    Amanda Suzanne-Cherryholmes cuts the ribbon

    The Lincoln City Resource Center celebrated its one-year anniversary and the birthdays of President Patrick Alexander and Director Amanda Suzanne-Cherryholmes on Thursday with a Lincoln City Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting ceremony.

    Cherryholmes gave Homepage a tour of the Resource Center, complete with statistics over the first year of operation.

    • Employment, housing or both were found for 51 of 65 clients, an 80 percent success rate.
    • 30 birth certificates, 36 photo identification cards and two Social Security cards were obtained for clients.
    • 7,081 meals were served.
    • 409 men, 207 women, 31 children, 40 Veterans, 48 Native Americans, 266 locals, 40 working people and 380 transients walked through Resource Center doors.
    • 1,532 showers were taken.
    • 1,242 loads of laundry were done.

    Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Lori Arce-Torres presented Resource Center staff with a signed congratulatory award and Cherryholmes cut the ribbon.

    Birthday cake was provided and new restaurant D Dogs catered a taco bar to the event.



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