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Swinging art in Lincoln City

Art Lincoln City

*Editors corrections*  There was an error concerning what some children called the sculpture.  In fact, the students in last summer’s art camp wrote a book, which contains an origin story for the sculpture. The book’s title is “The Adventures of the Bug from Planet Donut.” 

-and- The committee did not in fact get the item at a reduced price because it was turned down by another buyer, it is in fact a totally new commission and work of art.  Homepage regrets any confusion this may have caused.


The Lincoln City Cultural Center welcomed a new member this week; a towering piece of public art.

The morning sun shines through our new resident.

The metallic colossus is firmly mounted to four blocks of concrete and features long antennae shaped pieces jutting from the top and a swinging body that visitors are encouraged to interact with.    

“The kids have called it the “Bug from Planet Donut.”  ,” said Niki Price, executive director of the Lincoln City Cultural Center.  The display comes to the city through the efforts of Lincoln City’s Public Arts Committee.   “We chose… to recommend a brand new commission, and the result is now at the Cultural Center.”

Reactions on Facebook range from joy to bewilderment. 

Daniel M. writes: “Maybe it’s me but I like it a (sic) interesting piece of moving art.” 

Hannah V. commented: “It’s cool, but what is it?” 

Others questioned the cost versus other needs in the town. 

Marcella J. asked: “And how much did that piece of art cost when there are homeless people out there…?”

When completed, the base of the sculpture will meet a new patio which Price points out “Will allow someone of average height to touch the round part in the center…it is designed to be touched and swing back and forth.”  Inside the horizontal ring are large rubber bumpers along with large springs to absorb the movement.  When asked how the structure will hold up under winter winds Price said, “It was engineered by the artist to withstand high winds and gusts.”

Kelly Howard of the Jennifer Sears Gallery oversaw the installation of two fused glass inserts that she created specifically for the piece.

Kelly Howard supervises the installation of her glass
Two handmade glass pieces will adorn the top.
Don Williams
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  1. Come on man! WTH is this thing supposed to be? The city isn’t ready for bells
    and whistles, it needs some potholes filled on 101, we need to sweep some
    of the crap along the hwy under a bush. I stopped taking acid and magic mushrooms a long time ago, this might have seemed cool 30 years ago, maybe it’s a fun thing for children, I’m sure we’ll see some entranced individuals climbing this thing late at night. Or maybe it’ll just blind some drivers when the sun reflects off it. I’ll sue. In any event, if the city wants art, it needs to be a full donation by the artist, using the city budget for things like this is seagull

  2. City needs SIDEWALKS and a few years ago on 101 near 35 st I recall the city paying employees for hours and hours marking the streets where the sidewalks were to be placed on 101….then the rain washed the paint off and no sidewalks. This piece of art? is shameful.

  3. Why old the city buy this IMHO, ugly metal spider when there are more pressing needs the money could have been used for. If they must spend money on art, then some thing representive of our coastal location would have been more appropriate but a giant metal spider? And you know people are going to try to climb it or swing on movable part. Then if one of them get injuries, they will sue the city. So r was this something else for. The all mighty tourists?

  4. Well, I have the solution. We were discussing this over the holiday meal, and
    it occurred to me, that the slap happy sticker vandalism in OceanLake
    could find it’s way north some time. There’s a lot of space for people to add
    their vision of art to this discount masterpiece, am I right? I’m disavowing
    any knowledge or incitement of what’s probably only a misdemeanor.. and who
    doesn’t have a few of those already? I expect my post to be removed, but-
    maybe not, we did have a good laugh though, it would be funny to slap a
    Trump 2024 on that thing.

  5. So ugly and not reflective of the coast. Why would the city think this was a good idea? If you HAVE to spend money on art, and not fixing potholes, putting in side walks etc. Why not pay local artists to paint more murals, draw sidewalk art, etc. Heck, pay the local homeless to help paint, and see what artistic abilities they may have and help them out too.

  6. Well, today we drove by the completed Objet d’art (I looked that up on my phone) anyway, if and I mean if, I were to decide in favor of the soon to be
    infamous object. I want to know what brainiac set that thing on those blocks
    of concrete? Ok, I live here, and I know if you don’t nail things down with
    glue and big screws, the wind will blow your stuff until it gets stuck in a
    tree or in a gully, but in the interest of realism, sitting that 3d Celtic rune
    on visible blocks of concrete just blows the whole image, it looks exactly
    what it is- an afterthought, Any contractor worth their salt, and I was a tradesperson for over 30 years, that would do work like that must have had the shakes and needed to hit the liquor store. It looks fake, I wouldn’t be putting my name on that .


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