Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Pacific Ocean shows why it’s ‘King’

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The Pacific Ocean snuck its way from Nelscott Beach onto SW 35th Street Saturday, as a crowd of storm watchers witnessed concrete benches and logs displaced by the raw fury of the sea during King Tide.

Joe the Sea Lion seemed unimpressed that his benches were moved or that he was hit in the head by a log. Joe did not appear to be harmed by the incident.

A storm watcher who felt the full force of the Pacific sent us this video:

The power of the ocean was also felt at Lincoln City’s D River Wayside, where wave after wave ran up the “world’s shortest river,” rushing underneath Kyllos Restaurant and making its way under Highway 101.

The Pacific Ocean surging under Highway 101 on the D River

Many turned out to D River State Recreation Area to view high surf from behind yellow tape put up by park officials.

Most heeded the warnings but a few younger people went into the surf behind the Sea Gypsy. The group of five were hit by a big surge, sending some tumbling in the surf. That didn’t deter one of the individuals, who proceeded to do a handstand as another wave washed in.

Logs and debris were scattered all over beaches and access points, including the one caught on this video. It’s a somber reminder of just how fast logs can move and that people have been injured by them in the past.

Some storm watchers commented that it “looks like Christmas” because of all the sea foam, and “Here’s our snow,” could be heard as well.

National Weather Service Portland predicted the large breakers and said beach erosion and damage to buildings was possible. A “high surf warning” remains in effect until 8 p.m. Saturday.

Sadly, it has been reported the Coast Guard is searching for a child swept out to sea near Falcon Cove Saturday.

Stay tuned to National Weather Service for alerts, never turn your back on the ocean and stay safe.

Justin Wernerhttps://lchomepage.com
I'm publisher of Lincoln City Homepage. Also the web guy, photographer, cameraman, video editor, sportswriter, tech support, beat reporter, cat trainer and e-bike enthusiast. I have a passion for telling people's stories and keeping my fellow citizens informed.

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  1. I believe the article and pictures were pointing out the dangers of these tides. The coast was inundated by day trippers one to sea the high tides. It is sad the teenagers were left unsupervised but their presence was reported. Well done Justin Werner.

  2. This is irresponsible journalism at it’s best. I’m really sorry this is made out to be ‘an adventure’ by the writer of this article on the the Lincoln City Home Page. I think it promotes unsafe behaviors. Given the knuckle head moves of some of the folks in the pictures, I’m surprised more weren’t washed out. Sadly, it puts our responders at huge risk to go out and get them. They shouldn’t have to risk their lives to help someone who can’t figure out what is safe.
    The pictures are incredible, the actions of some not so much : – (

  3. It’s ok to abort a fetus but don’t go in the water for god sakes . Do as I say not as I do??? No one wants to die willingly. You can cross the street and get run over. Get struck by lightning. No one blinks. But god forbid you go in the ocean on a storm and everybody is a critic. But yet we vote on laws were murder is legal. Be ashamed . PrAy for this man and his family.

  4. Posted warnings, caution tape, news reports, and still these stupid people go out “to play the game.” Lives were lost due to the extreme tides. I think people should be fined for going out when the warnings are posted. If they can’t think for themselves, maybe a fine would deter them.

  5. I’m sorry. These people were warned! My heart goes out to the family that lost their children. People’s common sense is floating out there somewhere and it needs to be found!

  6. Does anyone else feel like the beach and these ‘King Tides’ are being glorified in this article? A lot of our life in today’s world is,: ‘perception is reality’ and the perception to a lot of people watching these videos that literally do not know better is that, “look how much fun they are having!! Listen to them laughing and having a good time!! And oh look…no one is getting hurt….that girl even did a hand stand and she is fine!! Let’s ALL go to the beach in this storm during these crazy dangerous King Tides!!” I get that everyone is responsible for themselves in life and that we all need to be looking out for ourselves but I feel like this feeling is being missed by many.

  7. Are you printing articles about Climate Change and things to do to stop or slow it? Apparently the melting ice caps has risen the water! This isn’t going away any time soon. Help folks become more prepared!

  8. This really shows the stupidity of man. The news story should be about how stupid all of these wave watchers are, not how neat and fun it all is!

  9. This news sounded like people were having fun. I agree with all the replies about how it’s not funny.
    It’s sad, this man who had no respect for the ocean and no concept for the safety of his children.
    I hate to say it but I have to you are an idiot. Those poor children.
    My home island of hawaii have visitors such as this dumb ass who have no concept of the power of the ocean nor do they have respect for the land and sea! So they dont make it home from their vacation. Makes me so angry. He should not be a parent. You Dumb shit!

  10. “It’s a somber reminder of just how fast logs can move and that people have been injured by them in the past.”

    ”Injured” if they are lucky, most are crushed and are killed by the wet tumbling logs. These logs could weigh thousand of pounds.
    “Injured” is such an understatement.

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw those kids playing in that surf. Not only do you have the danger of the logs but Lincoln City beaches have some of the worse undertows around. The worst undertow is right out in front of D River State Park. Right where all the tourist like to go for a swim.

    I lived on the coast for so many years & worked at the local hospital for over 25 years. The ocean has my full respect as I’ve seen too many that did not survive. Yes, they were ”injured” but please correctly report many died playing in the surf.

  11. Why are these STUPID people “Playing the game?” as he comments in video?! This is not funny! Yes we all love to storm watch but from a safe distance! You cannot out smart the powers of the ocean how is it that folks do not understand?

  12. I hope pictures like yours will show people just how dangerous the ocean can be and why it should be viewed from a safe distance. Watching people do stupid things is strong warning to the rest of us. Thank you.

  13. Unbelievable how stupid people are to have to risk the life’s of others to go save your ignorant ass from yourself as your swept out to sea… I would be arresting each one of these people as it’s clearly marked..as dangerous high tide.. it’s the same idiots that spill hot coffee on there genitals then have the nerve to sue the state or city .. duhhhh… smh how many ignorant people there are out there another reason why this planet is going to hell…

  14. Dickhead! Ever thought about the first responders that would need to drag your limp and lifeless body out if the ocean if you got it wrong and the risks they would need to take…

  15. Yes. A man holding his 7 and 4 year old kids got swept away. The 7 year old was dead and they never found the 4 year old. Just tragic this man didn’t have the common sense to be safe for his kids and in a blink of an eye, both gone. Not the kind of lesson any parent should have to learn this way.

  16. Sacrificing a few to save the many. NO! That is not news. The news is “It is dangerous out there so stay away and be safe”. Promoting others to get close to the unsafe locations to fulfill your desires is not worth lost lives.

  17. It’s not fun not funny, you dumbass people encourage people to go out there look what happened today that man took his two kids out there now they’re both dead unbelievable you guys need to stay off the beaches to stay away


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UPDATED: NWS issues High Surf Advisory for Central Coast

National Weather Service Portland issued a High Surf Advisory for the North and Central Oregon Coast, alerting to the possibility of destructive waves up to 25 feet.



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