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Lincoln City to expand youth cheerleading program for 2019-20 season

youth cheerleading

Seventh and eighth graders will join third through sixth graders in competition for the 2019-20 season in the Lincoln City Youth Cheerleading’s Recreation Division.

Cheerleaders will support seventh and eighth grade football and basketball teams and possibly compete across Oregon.

Open gym starts in February and coaches are looking for enthusiastic school-spirited individuals to build the team.

To participate, contact Tonia Anderson at 541-921-9962 or Nicole Kelso at 541-418-3074.

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  1. Hi I am a fifth grader at Taft elementary and I like to see cheerleaders and I feel like this would be a brand new opportunity for me because when I was little I just love seeing cheerleaders dance and I went to a lot of football games this is my first year at Taft elementary and I feel like this would this will be a good year for me and I hope you can accept me to your program.


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