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My Squad – By Jim Mcfarlane

My Squad:

We had a small abundance of Christmas goodies, so I wrapped a couple and put them in the mailbox before the mail lady came. As time went on, I did this occasionally. A simple thing because I appreciated her doing her daily route and consistently delivering mail to my door. Once later, I received a package addressed to the right City, but the wrong street. Somehow, it was re-routed to my street. Was that her? I don’t really know. But she is part of My Squad that assists me every day. Part of a group that has agreed to give up parts of their life for the well-being of others.

And I do have a big squad. I have police that patrol the streets night and day. It is not because they are near my house or come in contact with me. Their presence is the force that keeps problems away from me. It is because they are out there daily, willing to work nights, to train, to be alert for dangers, to sit boring hours in a patrol car, and to maintain an organized peace. I also have firemen on My Squad that maintain themselves, train, and keep equipment ready for the next emergency – or the need for EMT services.

I have Utility Lineman and service people in My Squad. If the lines go down, or gas lines break, or the weather churns up the skies, I don’t go out in it to survive. I hunker down and stay warm while My Squad climbs poles, digs trenches, shiver out in the storm to restore the needed services to me.

It isn’t about ‘running into the burning building’ to save lives. All of these people may see it as ‘Just a job’, but it is more than that. It is much more than an instant of effort or the actual emergency. It is the hours of training, the waiting, and the constant readiness.

Generally, My Squad is quiet and not often seen, but life would be difficult without their efforts. By their efforts, My Squad allows me to live in security and peace. With their help, I can focus on living a purposeful and comfortable life rather than concerns for daily events. I am grateful to those in My Squad and all they do. Thank you all.

— Jim Mcfarlane

LCH Reader
LCH Reader
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