Friday, January 22, 2021

Travel Oregon production ‘only slightly exaggerates’ beauty of Beaver state

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Travel Oregon’s Only Slightly Exaggerated depicts a fun, exciting and diverse landscape that truly embodies what it is to experience what Oregon has to offer.

The video, directed by Kylie Matulick and Todd Mueller and written and produced by Portland-based ad agency Wieden + Kennedy, was animated by Psyop and Sun Creatures Studio. The one-minute, 30-second video features a musical score by the Oregon Symphony that flows perfectly with the animation.

The film is an animated snapshot of Oregon, replete with a beach-side dune buggy accompanied by flying fish, an underground cave network twisting through marble rock, ghost forests submerged in clear blue waters, a bee flying through colorful flora, majestic outdoor Oregon scenery, hiking, hang gliding and presents the viewer with a real sense of adventure.

The Travel Oregon website features the video on its homepage and dedicates a portion of the site to the video, where visitors can “Explore More of Oregon, Only Slightly Exagerated.”

The whimsical and, at times, surreal video strikes a fine balance of fantasy and reality and paints Oregon as a vividly green state.

From the Travel Oregon website:

“But please: Do not feed the sky whales”

The Oregon Tourism Commission, doing business as Travel Oregon, is a semi-independent agency created by the Oregon Legislature in 2003 to enhance Oregonians’ quality of life by strengthening economic impacts of the state’s $11.8 billion tourism industry.

The Travel Oregon staff develops and implements a biennial strategic marketing plan which includes advertising and marketing, publication development, cooperative promotions, consumer fulfillment, public relations, international marketing, tourism product development, State Welcome Centers, research, and industry relations. Travel Oregon cooperates extensively with local communities, industry associations, government agencies, and private businesses in the implementation of its strategic plan.

The Oregon Tourism Commission, a nine-member board appointed by the Governor, governs the Travel Oregon staff and its programs; the agency is funded by a 1.8% statewide transient lodging tax.

Justin Werner
Justin Werner
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