Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Halim from France: “You have a very beautiful city!”

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Loss of lottery funds hampers local projects

Oregon State Representative David Gomberg said Lottery Fund revenues are down 90 percent and because of this, bond sales have been cancelled, halting long-planned projects and forcing them to seek money elsewhere.

Saranchuk appears for arraignment in Lincoln County Court

The first of seven Clark County men accused of screaming racist insults at an African American family on a Lincoln City beach and challenging police to fight appeared in Lincoln County Circuit Court Monday, July 13.

Oregon FBI goes virtual with ‘Teen Series’

Portland's FBI field office has launched an online learning experience for students designed to let them explore the world of law enforcement.

Lincoln City Police officers arrest identity theft suspects

Lincoln City Police Officer Hayden Tolzman responded to a report of possible identity theft by a male and female at the Shearwater Inn, Sunday, July 5, that led to a foot chase, taser deployment and a stolen gun.

Most restaurants and bars in Oregon following COVID-19 requirements

Oregon Liquor Control Commission inspectors swept across Oregon over the Fourth of July weekend and checked 800 businesses for compliance with social distancing requirements issued by Governor Kate Brown.

Biplane soars through space and time

In the skies over Depoe Bay and Lincoln City, a modern-day barnstormer in an open-cockpit biplane is giving passengers a journey through space and time seldom found at the soulless tarmacs of modern airports.

DA says Clark County Seven did not commit bias crime

Seven Clark County men were recently arrested in Lincoln City for illegal fireworks, yelling racial slurs and using Nazi salutes to harass a black family on Independence Day, prompting the Lincoln County District Attorney to issue a statement about the incident.

Father and son dispute leads to attempted murder charges

Oregon State Police say a son used his truck as a weapon against his father after an altercation while driving on Independence Day, nine miles east of Waldport.

K9 Bonni captures hit and run suspect in Newport

Lincoln County Sheriff K9 Bonni and her handler, Deputy Zach Akin, located and apprehended a man alleged to be the perpetrator of a hit and run on Yaquina Bay Bridge Saturday, July 4.

‘Lil Wes’ is back in Lincoln City and has put cancer in remission

Wesley Allen Michael Culver said he went into shock when he got the news that he had cancer on December 12, 2019 at just 14-years-old.

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Hal at D River
Halim at D River for Zoom, Summer Kite Festival

Lincoln City had a visitor from Normandy, France, last month named Halim, who said the city was beautiful and he would be back next year “because the Pacific coast of the State of Oregon is amazing and very spectacular.”

“la côte Pacifique de l’état de l’Oregon est incroyable et très spectaculaire”

“In the streets, the cleanliness of the sidewalks and car parks, the people seem relaxed and smiling and have superb American flag on the 101 road,” Halim said. “The beach is superb, even if the Devil Lake is contaminated by bacteria it remains beautiful. The atmosphere of the city I like a lot!”

Sunset by Halim Bahtar
(Photos by Halim)

Halim, 42, hails from Vernon, a commune in the department of Eure southeast of Rouen in the Normandy region in northern France. It lies on the banks of the Seine River, about midway between Paris and Rouen.

Halim hadn’t left the small town for 25 years before coming to America to see his friend Mike, who lives in Lincoln City.

Halim first visited San Francisco, then took an Amtrak train to Salem, where Mike picked him up. Halim visited Astoria, Newport and Depoe Bay while in Oregon. He also saw Mt. St. Helens in Washington.

Mike treated Halim to his first time eating Mexican food with home-cooked enchiladas and tacos.

“So good! My friend’s wife is an excellent cook. I feasted.” Halim said.

Mike and Halim were working on setting up a direct high-frequency radio link between France and Oregon, but “the conditions would not allow it to pass.”

“Je suis passionné de radio amateur,” translates to: “I am passionate about amateur radio.”

“Here is a beautiful memory with Bill of Crab Max, what an extraordinary person. Like me he is passionate about geology and he is also amateur radio.”

Bill and Halim
Halim and Crab Max’s Bill Paterek

Halim’s radio call sign is F0DXQ.

“The work of the police is very important for the good of the communities, whatever the place,” Halim said. “Constable Craig was very nice. I asked him if I could take a picture with him and if I could do pictures of the police car, agent Craig accepted. I’m happy to have done these pictures and this agent was really nice.”

He checked out the firehouse for North Lincoln Fire & Rescue.

And the Lincoln City Outlets.

Halim at Lincoln City Outlets

He loves nature and wildlife.

Halim attended Zoom Summer Kite Festival and said he really enjoyed it.

“I’m happy to have seen this festival and I even bought a T-shirt! It was successful and very spectacular,” he said.

Explore Lincoln City
Halim ‘exploring Lincoln City’

“I want to say a big thank you to the people of Lincoln City for their hospitality, thank you also to the traders for their patience with my English.” Halim credits his smartphone and Google Translate for bridging the gap and allowing him to communicate.

“Je serai de retour à Lincoln City avec ma fille l’année prochaine.”

“I will be back to Lincoln City with my daughter next year,” he said. “For the sea food.”

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