Sunday, December 5, 2021

Former Newport Police officer pleads guilty to sex abuse charges

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Former Newport Police Sgt. Bradley David Purdom will serve three years’ supervised probation and has surrendered his law enforcement license after pleading guilty to two counts of misdemeanor sexual abuse.

Lincoln County Circuit Court Judge Thomas O. Branford accepted the plea by Purdom, who admitted to engaging in unlawful sexual contact with a person who did not consent (a minor) on two occasions. The convictions are third-degree offenses, while one felony count was dismissed pursuant to negotiations.

Sentenced to 36 months of supervised probation, Purdom must register as a sex offender and undergo a psychosexual evaluation with treatment and additional conditions to be imposed based on recommendations.

Oregon State Police began investigating the sexual abuse allegations against Purdom in summer 2017. In August 2017, Lincoln County District Attorney Michelle Branam elected to use a special prosecutor to oversee the investigation and provide an objective analysis to determine whether sufficient evidence existed for prosecution.

Marion County Deputy District Attorney Brendan Murphy was assigned as the special prosecutor, and Purdom was indicted by a Lincoln County Grand Jury in April 2018.

Former Newport Police sergeant arrested on charges of sex abuse

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  1. I grew up down the street from him…. He’s a few years older than me. Trust me when I say he has been abusing people most of his life.

  2. I guess if you want to get away with a sex crime , just go to work for the police department in Lincoln county. First the raper from Lincoln City and now the one from Newport . When your done with that you can come back to Lincoln City and get away with killing a person. I moved to Arizona a year ago and I think it is safer down here

  3. This is BULLSHIT! This IS RAPE and the fact it was done by a Police sergeant, someone supposed to be a looked up to, a leader or role model, someone to uphold the law and hold people accountable does not mean he deserves a lesser sentence. Continually allowing law enforcement to regularly break the law with rediculously reduced to no consequences is completely shocking and unacceptable. A kick in the nuts to the child’s family he embarrassed and disrespected. Shameful. We need higher standards and harsher punishments to law breaking officials posing as role models to our kids.

  4. Books have been written on lincoln countys failed justice system all the way back into the 80s. This man should not be walking free. Get your pitchforks and report a complaint on the judge who sentenced him. Disgusting behavior from the judge. A child was raped. You call this justice? That child will be haunted. Have nightmares and possibly a fear of intimacy from the damage that has been done.

  5. Use the right words. He Raped a minor( a child) and gets probation. OUTRAGE for the slap on the wrist. To serve and protect only him. Disgusting.

  6. Where I come that’s called RAPE. He was the police Sergent! He belongs in a cage. Anything less does not serve justice. Shame on everyone who worked Fe and agreed to let him continue to walk the streets!


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