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Now Open: Domino’s Pizza

Lincoln City’s Domino’s Pizza opened for the first time Monday and patrons were in full force to sample the goods.


Owner Pat Farmer said he is honored to be able to bring Domino’s Pizza to Lincoln City and will do everything he can to “earn your business.”

According to Farmer it took him three years to secure a location for the restaurant and while running the Newport Domino’s he would routinely get asked the question: “When are you coming to Lincoln City?” Farmer said he did not have any major problems with the City of Lincoln City during the building process and is happy with how the new location turned out.

Domino’s Supervisor Spencer Gilbertson was on deck for the grand opening, telling us how he can’t wait to get involved with school lunches, non-profit organizations, donating to police, and everything else that is community.

“We’ve never had this much community support with a new store like this,” Gilbertson said. “We’re extremely eager to jump in and start.”

Lincoln City Domino’s General Manager Mason Westerholm said he couldn’t wait to show Lincoln City “what Domino’s was all about.”

As pizza baked and free pairs of Domino’s sunglasses were handed out, the staff went about their work as the orders piled up.


Justin Werner
Justin Werner
Justin Werner is the founder and editor of the Lincoln City Homepage, a trusted source of local news and information for residents and visitors of Lincoln City, Oregon. He is also a community leader, entrepreneur, and dedicated advocate for transparency and accountability in local government.


  1. What? No comments? We’re eating pizza tomorrow night. Then we will see
    who’s more popular- weird art or pizza. I would think a town with a marijauna
    store every 200 feet would be more interested in pizza. If I misspelled
    marijuana, well it’s because I decided it was boring a long time ago.

  2. This information is wonderful as reported, but most events and openings and such are after the fact. It would be nice sometime to get advanced announcements before they happen.

  3. Well now, having visited the location and consumed the primary offering,
    I have determined the following-
    1- it’s loud, and I grew up going to Ted Nugent and Deep Purple concerts.
    2- they have some growing pains, and clearly will become more efficient,
    although it was pretty good for walk in and out.
    3- Hand tossed dough. Now, I couldn’t toss a pizza dough to save my life,
    but I’ve seen it done by pros in Naples, and our local pizza tosser gets 2nd
    4- We took home a menu, which will be the method of choice in the future.
    5- I think they’ll do well, even though the cashier thought my name was Kavin,
    it’s a good thing I didn’t walk in and look for Kevin’s pizza.

  4. Can’t find prices anywhere, not even on takeout menu. Unless they have a special price on something, you cannot find any price.


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