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City Hall, parks and open spaces closing to the public Monday

Lincoln City City Hall Shut Down

Lincoln City City Hall will not be open to the public Monday, March 23 and neither will city parks, open spaces or bathrooms.

In a news release issued Saturday:

“The City of Lincoln City is taking steps in its continuing effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to provide relief to individuals and families affected by the closures of businesses.”

Driftwood Public Library and the Lincoln City Community Center were closed last week and will remain closed. The City will be open for business remotely, where employees will answer phones and email.

All city parks and open spaces, including bathrooms, will be closed to the public starting Monday. According to a city councilor, open spaces are parks and trails, not playgrounds or other amenities.

Utility bills can be paid online but the City has suspended billing shut-offs until further notice. This includes bills in arrears and no late fees will be charged.

The glass float Finders Keepers program is suspended until further notice.

The City urges households and businesses to follow good hygiene practices, social distancing and other directives issued by the State of Oregon and medical professionals.

Justin Werner
Justin Werner
Justin Werner is the founder and editor of the Lincoln City Homepage, a trusted source of local news and information for residents and visitors of Lincoln City, Oregon. He is also a community leader, entrepreneur, and dedicated advocate for transparency and accountability in local government.


  1. Please keep the public bathrooms open for truckers, the homeless if for no one else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a public health issue ~~~ bigger than closing them…………………………

  2. Excuse me, what do you mean “open spaces”? we have an Ocean here, streets, we walk our dogs, exercise. We need someone to say what that means. We walk for exercise every day.

  3. Well- half of Washington is in town for a corona get a way. Watch our numbers triple and Kate will have wished she would of done the lock down. Prolonged AGONY for us locals. All beaches, hospitality and hotels should not be flippin’ , spreading and rubbin’ this virus around from travelers.

  4. The City of Lincoln City is run by Tards.
    “Lets help stop the spread by closing parks.”
    How ’bout shuttin down the City?!
    Why did you let the touroids inflame our home?!
    We are screwed by GREED.
    Screwed by L.C. government and State government.

  5. This is a total farce and most know that. Especially those in the medical field. I have family members in the medical field and if people would just do some simple research they would be wise to all these lies that are being told. Think about it folks, three hundred million people and they shut things down over three hundred deaths!!???? Eight billion people on the planet and the world shuts down because of a few thousand deaths!!???? They are lying to you. This is a global financial reset to a cashless economy while they steal your wealth. They have no authority to demand you to comply. The first amendment people. I for one will go wherever I please whenever I so choose. And ANY person who tries to stop or alter that will be met with force. Including any federal, state or local agents.

  6. Paul is just a orange “beep” sucker who lives in the basement! The right winger republican nationalists talk that way to get a reaction. So Drumpf said “it’s a big hoax by dems it’ll be down to zero next week”. So repubs . . . How’s that going for you now?

    • and the BRILLIANT BS of- “if you want a test, you get a test, everyone can get a test….” it’s at the top of that wall Mexico built- go climb it Republicans….We are Italy already. The numbers are not reportable because Trump is preventing testing from PROVING his TOTAL INCOMPETENCE at anything other than patting himself on the back and cheating on his Non-American wives. He conned millions out of their vote convincing them he knew what it was to be a coal miner or waitress while he sat in his literal ivory tower his dad made happen and screamed the Hollywood Elite are the enemy (unless you are partying with them or need them on The Apprentice to bring your ratings ego boost)- He does not care about anyone but his true inner circle of equally corrupt family and butt kissers. The ONLY numbers he cares about are the DOW and Nasdaq and his impossible task of beating Joe Biden this fall without CHEATING again….Oh and thanks LC for doing NOTHING for the housing crisis for us REAL PPL who keep the economy here alive. Your greed and ignorance is BAFFLING and DISGUSTING- Meredith Housing is filling rentals right now with out of staters and send in a Hispanic girl afterward to do their dirty work UNPROTECTED-Gracias !

  7. OK – No pick and choose. This would prevent hospitality from assisting locals that the county is granting money to house and keep safe. So let’s finish off assistance . . . Close anything that would require contact of a non emergency nature – Restaurants, Bars, Gas Stations, Stores of all types!
    Mandatory to stay home, stay inside – increases stress – losses of freedoms.
    I saw a video of military equipment rolling through Oregon City earlier (removed for some reason). Be careful what you ask for – it’s heading your way (ALL OVER THE COUNTRY)!

  8. That military train video in OC is ancient. Pops up on the web whenever a crisis is happening. From what I gather the feds are clueless to help us. Let alone get a miles long train of anything going anywhere.

  9. I agree with Barbara – truckers and the homeless (especially the latter) are not Lincoln City “households and businesses” and, hence, seem not to be included in this city notice. And Regatta Park is also a playground! I noticed yesterday that that the sign on its bathroom facility had its hours of operation painted out. What does that mean? This kind of confusing city guidance to prevent the spread of COVID-19 just doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

  10. I agree with the bathroom concerns, closing public restrooms is going to create MORE health issues, people used to having those restrooms open aren’t magically going to stop needing to use them, that’s not how that works, I myself have one I rely often on my way to work. Plus, you’re closing down the only public facilities with soap and water where people can wash their hands, seems kind of backwards as far as prevention goes. I understand they’re trying to slow traffic down but wouldn’t closing the beach to tourists be a more effective solution than anything else? That’s where all the people are. ON THE BEACH, not in the parks, not in stores (the few still open), not congregating in the freaking public toilet, they are on the beach and in the rental homes and hotels around it.

  11. close city hall, super, a nice time for the council to pass some unpopular
    resolutions without public comment.
    At least Chinook Winds had the fortitude to close.
    And for those who think this is a farce- I have sick family, come over and see for yourself. Tourism will return, the entire nation has changed, and a few self-righteous twits think they have a right to do what ever they please,
    your rights end where my safety begins.


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