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Council snuffs out action on illegal fireworks usage

illegal fireworks

Proposals to address how to deal with the usage of illegal fireworks in Lincoln City were tabled at Monday’s regular session of the Lincoln City City Council in order to develop a more definitive plan and budget.

The Council, which is reviewing fireworks issues that have arisen over the years and last Fourth of July, in particular, were addressed with findings from a citizens group overseen by City Manager Ron Chandler:

The following is an agenda packet summary of the proposals pertaining to education, enforcement and alternatives in regard to illegal fireworks:


  • Recommendation: develop an education campaign to reach residents and visitors
  • Message: The message will include identification of Illegal fireworks, strict enforcement, safety and reporting violations.
  • Method: Billboards, Postcards & Flyers, Public Service Video, Radio Broadcast, Social Media, Press Releases, Events.


  • Recommendation: Consider the following. Increase police presence
  • Citations not just confiscation
  • Fireworks hotlines
  • Online reporting of illegal fireworks
  • Alternatives to an officer being present


  • Recommendation: Consider alternatives to the City fireworks show.  Alternatives with Fireworks
  • Multiple, City sponsored fireworks shows throughout the City.
  • Alternatives – without Fireworks
  • Daytime Activities – Convert the City sponsored activities into daytime activities. Possible activities include concerts, picnics, historical dramas, etc.

Nighttime Activities – Possible activities include a laser light show, drones, projected light show, outdoor movies, etc.

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