Lincoln City Budget Committee

To serve on the Lincoln City Budget Committee you have to sign a form allowing the City to do an extensive background investigation to see if you have violated any laws before you can vote on budget items (say ‘yes’ or ‘no’).

In review, it had been reported to Council and city administration that ex-City Councilor Chester Noreikis had not had an Occupational Tax Permit (business license) for over 9 years while working within the city, and never paid a fine during that time he was on the City Council. However, if he was like the rest of us he would have had thousands of dollars in fines to pay.

Guess what, the City Council appointed him to the city Budget Committee. In contrast, over a three year period 1,123 business accounts had paid fines for not having an Occupational Tax Permit. Fines, late fees, and interest totaled $15,677.52.

This is just another example of how your City Council and administration work and why the citizens have little confidence in them.

Jerry Warner

Lincoln City


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