Friday, October 15, 2021

Lincoln City Police shooting: ‘Use of Deadly Force’ video and media release

Warning. The following video is graphic.

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The following video and media release concerning the shooting by Lincoln City Police officers of David A. Xanatos, of Idaho, was released by the Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office Friday.

Warning. The following video is graphic.


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  1. Awhile back I was a bartender and had to deal with many dangerous situations. I used my skills in self-defense and speed to disarm people. More often I used commen sense. I would offer people a beer or food or some pot. Police who shoot to kill are not mentally stable and not capable of controlling their egos.

  2. The LCPD needs to be defunded and retrained. Many of them are racist and homophobic and are not held accountable for their actions.

  3. THANK YOU LINCOLN CITY POLICE ‍♀️ for keeping us all safe Filled with gratitude that you are always there, and that it wasn’t me that met this unstable felon with a legal lethal weapon.

  4. The LCPD started the whole thing by harassing someone that was essentially in another country. A Suspicious person is not a crime! That makes anyone who is walking a suspicious person and then they can harass anybody they want just because they say you’re suspicious? You don’t have to give them your ID. To me it looks like they were just looking for a fight. He wasn’t committing a crime at that point in time. No one was out it was pretty late in the night not to mention the casino is its own nation not the US. Its has security and they didn’t even call the police the police decide to harass this citizen on their own. The police contacted the casino. Just remember that the casino doesn’t pay for our police they don’t have to pay taxes. The casino also keeps buying more and more property and its take more tax money away from us. That’s money away from schools, police, fire and all of our utilities. The LCPD shouldn’t even be on their property it would be like going to Canada or Mexico and arresting someone for a crime the committed in that country and prosecuting them in the US for that crime. They can’t have it both ways.

  5. According to a “source”, those last two shots were fired after the suspect tried to get back up and both shots MISSED. My source also said Sgt. Bomar only hit the suspect twice, in the wrist and leg. Will confirm when I get the State Police report, unless LC Homepage beats me to it.

  6. Don’t run towards a cop with a knife in your hand. Plain and simple. He is responsible for his own death. Don’t bring a k***e to a g**f***t. Yes, you don’t know if he is drunk or high but it doesn’t matter, it adds to the unpredictableness in a situation where a guy is running at you with a knife.

  7. The LCPD think they are above the law, plain and simple. I think the DA’s office is as corrupt as the LCPD. The officers involved are murderers in my never to be humble opinion and should be given no respect by the citizens in thecommunity they allegedly are supposed to be protecting.

  8. #1 Why did the DA’s office edit the Wehrley AND the Tolzman bodycam footage to remove the final two shots that came over two seconds AFTER the suspect appears to be on the ground and incapacitated?

    #2 Why did the DA’s office NOT release the Oregon State Police report?

    #3 Why did the DA’s office NOT release Sgt. Bomars bodycam footage, as he was the lead Officer in this incident and had the clearest view?

  9. Well, this did point out to me that LCPD needs more training on skills of deescalation/conflict resolution and maybe more scenario-based training of less-lethal weapons!!! You poked the bear with a tiny stick what do you expect . . . now your forced to kill it! All this started from sniping butts out of employee cigarette can’s! So we shoot 1 foam load to piss him off! Then shoot him with 20 plus lead to finish it. Why not shoot 20 plus foam to knock him senseless and shoot no lead to finish the possible arrest! Bomar just had to know who this guy was at that minute? Why does traffic (cops) back off when a high speed escalates? I’m not saying that you didn’t eventually probably have to kill him when it got to the end point (I really don’t know). I’m saying it didn’t have to be this end point.
    I would like to see less-lethal weapons shoot more than 1 round please. How about hanging them in every patrol car fully loaded with multiple rounds and backup projectiles of other kinds for different situations.
    I noticed this guy has a small rap sheet for this lifestyle. Something tells me the man hasn’t spent his hole life on the streets.Tragic for this man’s people! And tragic for officers memory!

  10. The police pushed the situation. I’ve been on the wrong end of LCPD
    and it’s scary.
    The guy wasn’t moving around for quite a long time before he was
    virtually pushed into a decision.
    Maybe a taser wouldn’t have worked. I’m sure I’ve heard of pepper spray,
    rubber bullets and other non-lethal measures.
    Sure- once the guy lunged there was no other option, I’d have shot him as well, but he was pushed by the cops, it’s obvious to me. He wouldn’t comply, and that’s a death sentence. You just wait until you are unjustly accused and bullied by someone in a cop uniform and a gun.
    Some of us know when we’re beat, and let the bully win, other people are not so willing to lay down.

  11. As stated in the video, tasers are ineffective against people in heavy clothing. Also, a person who is moving or more than 12 feet away is an extremely difficult target for a taser. If the less lethal did not work, there is no reason to believe a taser would be more effective

  12. Well, he wasn’t acting crazy, except for the moment he rushed the cops.
    I’d have shot him as well. It’s debatable if the whole situation was justified to begin with. The guy was obviously intoxicated, and it’s debatable as well
    if he posed a danger at a later time.
    That area is awash in transients, and it’s no surprise he was wandering around where he was. You just don’t argue with someone holding
    a firearm, it’s a losing situation.
    I think he could have been tasered long before it became necessary to
    shoot him.


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K9s assist in capture of fleeing suspect

A Siletz man, wanted on multiple warrants, fled from Lincoln City police Tuesday, first in his vehicle and then on foot, ultimately leading to two K9s finding him hiding behind a hotel.



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