Change is in the air at Council meetings


    COMMENTARYLincoln City Council Teamwork

    I sat in on the Lincoln City Council meeting Monday and noticed a change in the way the Council members and staff are treating one another. As the three-hour meeting progressed, it was obvious — at least in my view — that the Council is more efficient and, in general, more content.

    Council members appeared more cordial and friendly to each other. They thanked one another publicly and seemed genuinely collegial in their discussions. They have been this way for about a month or so. We should like what we see.

    Working for the City Council, or serving on the Budget Committee, pays an annual salary of zero dollars. Our elected officials are doing the job for free. It’s important to understand that. How many jobs would you work at where the pay is nothing and the drama is higher than average?

    The men and women sitting on the Council serve for various reasons, but they all work toward common goals that benefit Lincoln City. They are focusing their priorities on getting things done.

    Council meetings are very informative. If you have something to say to your elected officials, there is a forum to do so. Just be aware they are people, too.


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