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Is There a Weinstein at City Hall?

city hall

Rumors are swirling that a senior city official was alleged to have committed harassment against a subordinate, in the last few months. Our sources say that the official received no discipline or reprimand. Instead, the alleged victim, who was highly respected, and had been with the City for years, is no longer employed there. Unfortunately our sources are hesitant to go on-the-record, for fear of reprisal by the alleged perpetrator, and others.

We are working to independently verify the facts. If you have any information, please email us at [email protected], or call/text/WhatsApp/Signal us at 541-992-0321. WhatsApp and Signal are completely secure messaging apps. If you work at City Hall do not use your work phone or email. We protect our sources and will not publish your name, or any identifying information, without your explicit approval. Stay tuned folks!

Justin Werner
Justin Werner
Justin Werner is the founder and editor of the Lincoln City Homepage, a trusted source of local news and information for residents and visitors of Lincoln City, Oregon. He is also a community leader, entrepreneur, and dedicated advocate for transparency and accountability in local government.


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